Adding a new furry member to the family is an exciting time. Puppies and kittens are full of energy and love and looking to you for guidance. It’s important to help them fully adjust, learn positive behaviors and feel safe during this stage. Since new puppies and kittens are quickly developing and being exposed to new things, it’s necessary for them to receive certain medical care during their young lives to set them up for a healthy future.


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Your new puppy or kitten will need:

  • A physical exam to monitor growth and early intervention of potential issues
  • Certain vaccinations to reduce the risk of contracting diseases and infections like rabies, bordetella and lepto
  • Parasite control including fleas and ticks, internal parasites and heartworm disease
  • Spaying or neutering at 5-6 months of age
  • Microchipping for the best chance of reuniting with your pet should they get loose (We highly recommend this and can do it at the same time as your pet’s spay or neuter procedure.)

Taking the right steps in the beginning to ensure the physical health of your puppy or kitten is the best thing you can do for them. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the amount of care a new puppy or kitten may need—that’s why we’re here to help with all of your puppy problems and kitty concerns. Call us today at (617) 269-0610.

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