Our hydrotherapy treadmill is a proven way to help your pets make a speedy recovery after surgery or injury, or improve their quality of life due to a chronic pain disorder such as osteoarthritis. Water’s viscosity is especially therapeutic because it increases function and tactile stimulation without the pressure of weight on the affected area, which can cause discomfort and potential damage.

Frequently, pets who are recovering from surgery or injury have muscle atrophy and loss of strength. Muscle atrophy is also commonly associated with osteoarthritis and normal aging. For pets suffering from muscle atrophy or loss of strength, the hydrotherapy treadmill is an essential part of their rehabilitation routine. Water provides an environment of increased resistance to forward motion, which helps improve strength and mobility in muscles that have atrophied.

For pets in need of our rehabilitation services, we recommend walking on our in-office underwater treadmill once a week, at minimum, to help them quickly return to full function and restore their muscle strength and mobility. If you’re interested in learning more about our hydrotherapy treadmill, please call us at 617-269-0610 or visit our contact page.