9 Tips to Survive Long Car Trips with Your Pet

It's almost summer, and you may be getting the urge to hop in the car and go exploring. What's more fun than a road trip? Why, a road trip with your furry friends, of course!

5 Tips for Planning an International Trip with Your Pet

If you and your family are planning a two or three-week vacation in another country, you might not want to leave your cat or dog behind—but you also might think it’s not possible to take him with you. The good news is that more and more people are including their pets in vacation plans, both within the United States and to international destinations, a trend which has increased with the relaxation of pet quarantine rules between the U.S., Britain and many European Union countries.

Vacation Time: Keep Your Pet Safe and Happy While You are Away


Leaving your pets behind when you travel can be hard; but with a little forethought, you can make their stay at home more comfortable.

Summer is approaching quickly, and with it comes the promise of vacation—camping trips, long mountain hikes, sunbathing by the beach. But while you're perusing itineraries and shopping for a new bikini, your most faithful friend may not realize that he won't be coming along for the ride. Leaving your pet at home while you are traveling can be stressful for an animal who is accustomed to spending every night listening to the familiar sound of your breathing as you sleep. With these few tips, however, you can make your pet more comfortable while you are gone.