How To Crate Train Your Pet

Your pet deserves safety and security within your home. In a bustling household, especially one with many visitors or small children, it's important to give your dogs or cats a place of their own to retreat to if company, noises or unwanted attention are troubling them.

Providing your pets a comfortable crate and training them to enjoy its privacy and safety is a great way to encourage good bathroom and sleep habits. It's also important for keeping your pets out of trouble if you can't supervise them.

8 Ways to Keep Your Dog from Chewing Your Stuff

Chewing is a common canine behavior. It helps dogs satisfy their curiosity as they explore the world. Unfortunately, some pets may engage in problematic or destructive chewing. Their teeth can leave a trail of damage that is very frustrating. Some dogs like to chew things like shoes, furniture, or clothing — even destroying expensive possessions.

Destructive chewing is a common problem many dog owners face, however there are a few simple methods to stop this destructive behavior. Here are six ways to curb your dog's destructive chewing.

The Best Toys to Get Your Dog or Cat This Holiday Season

Recent headlines reveal the toy marketplace for pets is now a billion-dollar-a-year business with sales reaching historic highs. While dog toys account for around 75% of these annual purchases, cats still enjoy their fair share of these practical playthings.

While pet toys are an excellent gift for animals, they also provide a source of exercise, stimulation and increased activity, giving our animals intellectual and interactive benefits leading to a longer and healthier life. 

How to Get Some Sleep When Your Pet Keeps You Up at Night

No matter how much you adore your pet, you may get irritated when your beloved companion constantly wakes you up at night. Your hungry cat may scratch at the bedroom door until you get up to feed it. The dog may whine, whimper, or even howl until you let it inside your room.

How to Keep Pet Hair from Taking Over Your House

Do you almost always see a thin layer of pet hair on your carpeting, even if you've just cleaned? Is your vacuum choking on the large amounts of hair you're trying to suck up? Do you avoid wearing dark clothing so it doesn't show pet hair?

If so, you may be living with excessive pet hair–and struggling to keep it from taking over your house completely!

What are the Pros and Cons of Free Feeding vs. Scheduled Meals for Your Cat?

If you have one or more cats, you probably spend a good deal of time doing research and making decisions about how to provide the best care you possibly can, but you're still bound to have questions or need advice from time to time

For example, is it better to keep your cat permanently indoors, or should you let him outside from time to time? What are the best flea and tick solutions? Is it safe to have a home with both dogs and cats? And, what about feeding?

What to Do If Your Indoor Cat Gets Loose

It just takes a second for your indoor-only cat to slip out. Maybe the neighbor kids were coming through your back door to play, or you opened the front door to sign for a package. Determined kitties who want to seek adventure and fresh air will take advantage of almost any brief opening to get their freedom.

The problem is, your indoor cat isn't used to being outdoors. And you've done that for a reason—indoor-only cats are typically safer and live longer than their outdoor counterparts. But when cats used to being indoors are suddenly free outdoors, they are vulnerable to other cats, dogs, wildlife and disease. You need to get that kitty safely home, fast! Here are ten tips for finding your feline friend:

How to Choose the Right Doggie Daycare

Doggie daycares have grown in popularity in recent years. Pet parents use these centers to keep their fur babies safe, entertained, and happy.

Many dogs thrive in daycare settings since they can socialize, bounce around, and have fun. These centers are enjoyable for some canines, but is it right for your puppy? And how can you select a facility that fits your furry friend's needs?

How to Introduce New Pets to Existing Pets

Pets, in their deep instinctual psyches, have a distrust of strangers, individuals from outside of their tribes or extended families. Animals are individuals, each with his and her mixture of genetics and early environmental factors, almost like human beings. Any instructions about handling animals always come with the proviso that you have to avoid complete generalizations, and look at the behavior of each individual.

Here are some ways to ensure that you choose a pet that has a better chance of getting along with your existing pets, and some tips for weathering the transition smoothly.

4 Smart (and Safe) Ways to Keep Your Cat from Scratching Everything in Sight

If your cat is continually scratching your furniture, drapes or rugs, it's because, well, he or she is a cat. You need to remember that cats are predators. They need sharp claws to kill their prey, defend themselves in the wild, and to climb—and scratching keeps their claws sharp by removing cuticles and cleaning the exterior sheaths of their nails. Scratching, in other words is normal, and even necessary, for your cat's well-being and health.