Should I Take in a Stray Cat?

Due to the tireless work of animal rescue organizations, stray cats are often brought to shelters and adopted by loving families. However, unwanted cats still roam neighborhoods. Some of these cats are feral; others are previously-owned pets. So as the animal lover you are, when you see a cat outdoors where you live, should you take it in?

8 Hidden Household Pet Hazards

As a conscientious pet owner you want to provide the best care for your furry friends. This includes feeding them a healthy diet, regular grooming, giving them adequate play and exercise, and scheduling routine check-ups at your local veterinarian. 

Sometimes, however, the safety of the household environment they spend most of their time in is ignored until a curious pet eats or is exposed to an overlooked hazard. Most accidents results from the pet parent's lack of knowledge rather than negligence. Here's a list of eight hidden household pet hazards to be aware of as you seek to create a safe and happy home for your pet.

Which Houseplants are Toxic for Pets?

Plants and floral arrangements brighten any home's interior. Unfortunately, these natural additions present hidden dangers for your dog or cat. Poisonous household plants can have systemic effects when a dog or cat ingests them. Symptoms may range from mild GI issues to life-threatening problems.

What to Do If Your Indoor Cat Gets Loose

It just takes a second for your indoor-only cat to slip out. Maybe the neighbor kids were coming through your back door to play, or you opened the front door to sign for a package. Determined kitties who want to seek adventure and fresh air will take advantage of almost any brief opening to get their freedom.

The problem is, your indoor cat isn't used to being outdoors. And you've done that for a reason—indoor-only cats are typically safer and live longer than their outdoor counterparts. But when cats used to being indoors are suddenly free outdoors, they are vulnerable to other cats, dogs, wildlife and disease. You need to get that kitty safely home, fast! Here are ten tips for finding your feline friend:

Is Grain-Free Dog Food Linked to Canine Heart Disease?

Health-conscious pet owners are willing to pay a premium for dog food marketed as "grain-free" because it sounds like a healthy option.

But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently began investigating these foods for possible links to canine heart disease.

A Comprehensive Dog Walking Safety Guide

Walking is vital to keeping your dog entertained, content, and happy. The daily exercise allows your pet to get outside and explore the surrounding world.  

A daily walk is an excellent way to release your pet's pent-up energy, and it's also an opportunity for your dog to socialize with other canines, human beings, and animals within the community. Young puppies need about an hour of exercise daily to expend their energy. Some breeds need more exercise; some breeds need less.

But, however long your pooch needs outside, it's vitally important that you take every precaution to ensure a safe walk. After the recent electrocutions of dogs in the Boston area, it's clear that your pet's life depends on it.

11 Things You Should Do to Find Your Lost Pet

Our pets provide friendship, joy, and unconditional love. Many owners have a special connection with their furry friends. That close bond is briefly broken when a pet becomes lost and cannot find their way home.

We know that losing a pet can be devastating, but don't worry, there's hope. There are effective ways to bring your dog and cat back home. Here are 11 tips that can help owners locate lost pets.

12 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe in Cold Weather

Icy, arctic, winter weather is bearing down on many parts of the country. These cold temperatures not only hurt humans, they can also harm animals. Here are 12 tips to help keep pets safe in frigid temperatures.

Yard Pesticide Safety for Pets

You want a beautiful yard and garden—perfect to enjoy those pleasant summer evenings and, of course, safe for your four-legged friends to play in. But some of the pesticides you use to keep your plants happy and bug-free may be harmful to your dog or cat. What products should you be worried about?

6 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Summer Heat

The dog days of summer are fast approaching, with promises of picnics and barbeques, camping trips, and long hours spent swimming at the beach. But while we look forward to the freedom of the great outdoors this summer, let's remember to make our pets' safety a priority. After all, the only way a dog can regulate her body temperature during those dog days is by panting and sweating through her paws. 

Use these 6 tips to keep your dogs and cats safe from some common summer hazards.