8 Ways to Keep Your Dog from Chewing Your Stuff

Chewing is a common canine behavior. It helps dogs satisfy their curiosity as they explore the world. Unfortunately, some pets may engage in problematic or destructive chewing. Their teeth can leave a trail of damage that is very frustrating. Some dogs like to chew things like shoes, furniture, or clothing — even destroying expensive possessions.

Destructive chewing is a common problem many dog owners face, however there are a few simple methods to stop this destructive behavior. Here are six ways to curb your dog's destructive chewing.

3 Ways to Stop Your Cat from Scratching and Biting

It can be difficult to understand how or why our pets act in certain ways. However, when it comes to problem behaviors, it becomes necessary to act as both psychologist and behaviorist in order to curb the issues.

Cats, in particular, can be hard to understand, especially when it comes to aggressive biting or scratching behaviors. Here are three ways to stop your cat from scratching and biting, so that you and your pet can stay in harmony.

How to Get Some Sleep When Your Pet Keeps You Up at Night

No matter how much you adore your pet, you may get irritated when your beloved companion constantly wakes you up at night. Your hungry cat may scratch at the bedroom door until you get up to feed it. The dog may whine, whimper, or even howl until you let it inside your room.

How to Curb Your Dog's Excessive Licking

Dogs have limited ways to communicate with their pet parents. Some dogs whine when they're anxious during severe thunderstorms, they bark loudly when delivery workers approach their front doors, and others thump their tails when they're happy to see their owners.

Unfortunately, most dogs can't tell their human companions when something is wrong with their bodies. Some pet parents don't know that there is something wrong with their fur babies until they behave abnormally. One such abnormal behavior is excessive licking. While not always serious, excessive licking is a sign that your dog may have an undiagnosed medical or behavioral condition. 

The Top Secrets to Relieving Vet Anxiety for Your Pet

An annual checkup is an excellent way to maintain your furry friend's health, well-being, and happiness. Although routine exams are essential, some pets don't like them. They are scared every time they visit a vet's office. A normally well-behaved pet can scratch, howl, or bite during a medical examination. Researchers call this phenomenon the White Coat Syndrome.

9 Tips to Curb Excessive Dog Barking

A barking dog is not a totally happy or healthy dog. And the excessive noise doesn't help you and your family, either. If your dog barks constantly, you'll be relieved to know that there are ways to change this disruptive behavior so that everyone feels happier and healthier.

Here are several tips on remedying excessive barking:

Pet Pee Problems: From Urinary Incontinence to Spraying and Beyond

Urinary trouble is one of the more common reasons we see pets for a sick visit. Pet pee problems can stem from health problems or instinctual behavior, but one thing's for sure, urinary problems can be frustrating and worrisome. An accurate diagnosis by your veterinarian will help treat your four-legged friend successfully, and help them get back to a normal pee routine.

Help! Why Is My Dog Eating Poop?

Pets do weird things — sniff butts, chase their tails, knead you like bread, and bathe you. However, the weirdest and most disgusting behavior you encounter may be your dog eating poop.

Gross! Why do they do that?

It depends on the dog and the situation, but there are underlying causes for this unappetizing behavior. It is important to investigate and find the reason behind your dog's love of poop—because it CAN be stopped.

Five Basic Obedience Commands Your Dog Should Learn

The love and joy dogs bring into the lives of new pet parents is immense. Owners enjoy unconditional love from their canine companions. But problems like sneaking food off the counter, barking loudly and causing a ruckus, running off in a park, and getting into dangerous items, can arise as pets adjust to their new environment.

Obedience training will not only teach your puppy to behave better, it will keep them safe. It is never too late for dogs to learn, but the earlier they learn, the better.

Why Your Dog Gets "The Zoomies"


Have you ever been settled in, watching TV quietly or getting ready for bed when all of a sudden it seems your pup just goes crazy? Do they suddenly start running around, with a slightly crazed look in their eye, seemingly possessed by Energizer Bunny levels of excitement like they just have to move? Then, just when you're unsure what to do next, the fit has passed. Your pup is laying on the floor, panting, totally exhausted. What just happened?