The Best Toys to Get Your Dog or Cat This Holiday Season

The Best Toys to Get Your Dog or Cat This Holiday Season

Recent headlines reveal the toy marketplace for pets is now a billion-dollar-a-year business with sales reaching historic highs. While dog toys account for around 75% of these annual purchases, cats still enjoy their fair share of these practical playthings.

While pet toys are an excellent gift for animals, they also provide a source of exercise, stimulation and increased activity, giving our animals intellectual and interactive benefits leading to a longer and healthier life. 

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Check out this list of the best interactive toys for our furry friends. We'll start in the doghouse since they're taking up three-quarters of the marketplace and trade off with choices for our beloved cat companions: 

#1 - Benebone Real Bacon Flavored Chew Toy

What's better than bacon? More bacon! And the Benebon's brand of bacon-flavored chew toys are always a big hit with the chewiest of canines. While bacon-flavored treats and toys certainly can't be beat, these chew-centric sensations also provide better overall teeth, gum and oral hygiene health for dogs of all ages. 

#2 - Catit Senses 2.0 Digger For Cats

You'd think digging was for the dogs, but not with this interactive adventure toy for cats. While there's an obvious reference associated with curiosity and cats, this little "PlayStation" for felines provides stimulation for kitties of all ages, by engaging all of their senses including sight, sound, pawing, clawing and more. 

#3 - Game Changer - The Ultimate Dog Toy

With a name like that, you'd expect something really incredible for your dog to enjoy, and this toy certainly delivers. This gadget provides engagement with a bit of jaw-dropping exercise while your canine figures out a puzzling way to chew and uncover their reward in the form of a tasty treat.

#4 - Trixie 5-In-1 Activity Center

Appearing like a cross between a fishbowl and a puzzle, this inquisitive maze will really get your cat working and wondering how to uncover their treats. Playtime with this piece involves problem-solving, stalking, gawking and other maneuvers that will keep them busy for days and days.

#5 - Outward Hound Road Killz Toy

While this choice might not be the most PC option available on the marketplace, or the prettiest plush toy found online, it still garners plenty of love, attention and affection from your pooch. With a durable rubber surface and hidden squeakers inside, this toy will keep your pet pleasantly occupied for many miles.

#6 - Pet Zone Fly By Spinner Cat Toy

As a general rule, if it flies, floats, scurries, skedaddles or travels, your cat will be on it like a comet and that's what this little spinner provides. With unpredictable movements, fluttering sounds, and action, your cat is sure to enjoy this inexpensive favorite.

#7 - Playball Automatic Ball Launcher

We've all seen them on social media, those "fetch-machines" that engage dogs for hours when these devices launch balls into the air for hours of non-stop play. This little gem will keep them going-and-going providing perpetual playtime. 

#8 - Magic Roller Balls

Our last entry is great for both dogs and cats alike with a selection of multi-colored, battery-operated balls to keep little critters chasing and exercising all around the house or yard. 

With the new year right around the corner, don't forget to contact us to set up your pet's annual wellness check. In the meantime, we hope you and your furry family have a very happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

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