Is Grain-Free Dog Food Linked to Canine Heart Disease?

Health-conscious pet owners are willing to pay a premium for dog food marketed as "grain-free" because it sounds like a healthy option.

But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently began investigating these foods for possible links to canine heart disease.

How to Keep Your Pet Comfortable When They Are Sick

Pets provide unconditional love and support to their owners every day. These compassionate animals know when people need comfort to brighten bad days.

Unfortunately, many owners don't realize when their pets need special attention. Some don't recognize that their fur babies are ill, because they disguise their illness. Other owners don't know how to provide tender loving care for their sick pets.

Caring For Your Senior Pet: A Checklist

For most pet owners, our pets become family. Regardless of whether they have been a part of your family since they were weaned or if they are a newer addition, senior pets capture our hearts. However, owning a senior pet is no small feat; they require a lot of special attention and care to remain healthy.

How to Choose the Right Doggie Daycare

Doggie daycares have grown in popularity in recent years. Pet parents use these centers to keep their fur babies safe, entertained, and happy.

Many dogs thrive in daycare settings since they can socialize, bounce around, and have fun. These centers are enjoyable for some canines, but is it right for your puppy? And how can you select a facility that fits your furry friend's needs?

The Top Ten Diseases Spread By Ticks

Summer is here, and most pet parents love taking their furry friends on exciting, outdoor adventures in the sizzling, warm weather. Unfortunately, a little fun and sun can come with a hidden danger: ticks.

Why is My Pet Vomiting?

Like people, dogs and cats vomit. The episodes are usually brief and not a worrisome symptom. But sometimes vomiting signals a serious problem requiring veterinary care that may be urgent.

The Top Secrets to Relieving Vet Anxiety for Your Pet

An annual checkup is an excellent way to maintain your furry friend's health, well-being, and happiness. Although routine exams are essential, some pets don't like them. They are scared every time they visit a vet's office. A normally well-behaved pet can scratch, howl, or bite during a medical examination. Researchers call this phenomenon the White Coat Syndrome.

Does My Pet Have Allergies?

It isn't uncommon for your pet to have allergies, but it can be difficult to find out just what those allergies are. Unlike humans, cats and dogs can't give voice to what is making them uncomfortable, and as such it is up to us as their owners to figure out just what is bothering them. We need to be able to recognize the symptoms of common allergens, and to be able to respond accordingly, whether through avoidance of the cause, or through medication.

I Noticed Blood in My Pet's Poop. Should I Be Worried?

If you see signs of blood in your pet's poop, there's no need to panic. But it does mean you should call your veterinarian and schedule an appointment to discuss this new event.

Blood in your pet's stool is an indication of another, underlying problem. Correct diagnosis of the cause will allow prompt treatment.

How to Introduce New Pets to Existing Pets

Pets, in their deep instinctual psyches, have a distrust of strangers, individuals from outside of their tribes or extended families. Animals are individuals, each with his and her mixture of genetics and early environmental factors, almost like human beings. Any instructions about handling animals always come with the proviso that you have to avoid complete generalizations, and look at the behavior of each individual.

Here are some ways to ensure that you choose a pet that has a better chance of getting along with your existing pets, and some tips for weathering the transition smoothly.